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Educated Staff = Increased Safety + Improved Effectiveness + Reduced Costs

We have recently met with many of our customers to discuss their pain points and to try and find solutions to help their businesses move forward in the current global environment. 

Not surprisingly most customers are very conscious of expenses, improving team performance and looking for savings that won’t slow possible growth in a difficult market.

So we asked….

Q. What is the one thing that we can help your team with to work more efficiently, to work safer and to reduce costs in the current work and economic environment?

A. Staff Training and understanding of chemical products

The result was…

We created A platform dedicated to providing training and education to customers for their business chemical and safety needs. 

The Croft Training platform is available to all Croft Customers for customised training and staff onboarding. To date we have had a massive uptake of customers looking to improve staff skills, become compliant and increase education with their teams.

‘Currently there are 75 businesses with over 1000 team member who have completed their custom safety training through our platform’

Our online training platform is designed around your business requirements to ensure your team is educated in chemical safety, chemical use and ‘how to’ tasks within your business.

Croft training program:

  • Customised & secure training platform for your business
  • Monitor your employee’s progression, pass rate, completion and issued a certificate for you records.
  • Make the onboarding of new staff compliant, professional and ensure they are educated about products, safety and use.
  • Training needs analysis conducted and a competency framework created incorporating chemical and cleaning requirement

Try the CroftCare Demonstration Course today.

Click the link below, register a login and test the CroftCare demonstration training LMS today.

CroftCare Demonstration Course

Get in touch with your local CroftCare team:

BRISBANE – Jamie McGuiggan – 0481 732 091
TOOWOOMBA – Emma Hearn – 0409 068 936
HERVEY BAY – Bart Williams – 0423 106 380
TOWNSVILLE – Stephen Cocks – 0427 307 536
SYDNEY – Kurt Nelson – – 0401 617 583
MELBOURNE – Richard Ambrose – 0419 096 579

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