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Ask yourself…..

Do we have the best Product for Purpose? 

Or are we using a square peg in a round hole.

Here are 5 top way to determine if you need to audit your current chemical, cleaning, safety and catering products and whether there are better options available.

Top 5 Tips to make sure you have the best products for purpose in your business.

  • Does the product do the job it is meant to do effectively and efficiently?
  • Are there pain points or usage issues with the product that need addressing?
  • What is the cost per use for the product vs the value of the task it performs?
  • Is the product available when I need it?
  • Does the product meet our safety and environmental requirements?

By using these 5 points within your business is an easy way to determine whether you are using the best Product for Purpose or if they need to be reviewed for an alternate product.

Our team looks at your business tasks, products and services and offers solutions that will assist your business in getting better results:

  • More efficient and effective chemicals
  • Better product for the task it is required to do
  • Lower cost per usage
  • Improved delivery equipment and systems
  • Systems to reduce wastage and increase safety
  • Improved staff education and safety training

Get in touch with your local CroftCare team:

BRISBANE – Jamie McGuiggan – 0481 732 091
TOOWOOMBA – Emma Hearn – 0409 068 936
HERVEY BAY – Bart Williams – 0423 106 380
TOWNSVILLE – Stephen Cocks – 0427 307 536
SYDNEY – Kurt Nelson – – 0401 617 583
MELBOURNE – Richard Ambrose – 0419 096 579

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