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Cleaning & Sanitation Training

In the following training you will achieve the following objectives:

  1. Understand the meaning of both “cleaning” and “sanitising”.
  2. Identify what should be cleaned and sanitised.
  3. How to clean surfaces effectively
  4. Recognise the importance of clean and well maintained cleaning equipment.
  5. How frequently should you clean and sanitise

What is the difference between cleaning and sanitising:

Cleaning :  Removal of visible contamination such as food waste, dirt and grease from a surface.
Sanitising :  Reduces harmful bacteria from surfaces and equipment.

Top Tip – Remember to clean first then sanitise, as there is no point sanitising a surface that is not clean. Otherwise this will result in a food source being available, and bacteria able to multiply quickly.

Importance of Sanitising.

  • Sanitising reduces the amount of harmful bacteria from surfaces and equipment.
  • Sanitation may be achieved by heat such as machine dishwashing or chemicals with surface sanitation using a sanitising chemical product.
  • You need to sanitise any surface that come in contact with hands, liquids or food products.

How to clean surfaces effectively

Chemical use and best practice is important to ensure we get the best performance from ever chemical and we know they are being used correctly. Watch the following video and read through the use guidelines below.

Steps to Clean and Sanitise a Hard Surface:

  1. Ensure you are wearing the correct PPE
  2. Using a dry wipe remove all debris and dry crumbs from surface.
  3. Spray surface with surface cleaner and clean the surface top.
  4. Wipe surface down to remove all marks and remaining chemical.
  5. Spray surface with Surface Sanitiser and allow to air dry.
  6. Surface is now clean and sanitised.

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